August 11, 2017

Juror Information

Thank you for visiting the Arkansas County Circuit Clerk’s Juror Information Link.

You have been randomly drawn from the Arkansas County voter registration pool to serve as a petit juror.

Things you need to know:

1.     Your term of service is four (4) months (Term A runs January 1 thru April 30, Term B runs May 1 thru August 31, Term C runs September 1 thru December 31).

2.    You may only be excused from jury duty by the Circuit Judge or by the Baliff.

3.     Court personnel cannot discuss a pending case with a prospective juror or give any information as to the specific case which is set to be heard.  You will be given specific instructions by the Circuit Judge during the jury selection process before a trial begins.

4.    You must sign in in the Circuit Clerk’s office each day you are called to serve.  If you do not sign in, you will not receive compensation for that day.

5.     If you appear for a trial but are not seated, you will receive $15.00 per day.  If you appear for a trial and are seated, you will receive $50.00 per day.

Jury Duty Northern District (302 South College, Stuttgart)

 Jury Duty Southern District (101 Court Square, DeWitt)


While we realize that serving as a juror may be an inconvenience, it is a very important civic duty and we appreciate your co-operation and your service.